Why Delt?

Who is Delta Tau Delta?


Join the ranks of thousands of Delts. Over 143,000 men have been initiated into Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. These men are doctors, lawyers, teachers, athletes, musicians, senators, businessmen, fathers, grandfathers, mentors, advisors, etc. Becoming a Delt offers you an instant connection between these men and you, a connection that could result in some phenomenal life experiences and advice.

Not only are these men Delts, they also give back to their organization. Delta Tau Delta is the #1 Fraternity in terms of per member giving and has one of the largest Educational Foundations in the fraternity world. Alumni giving has endowed our leadership programming and is establishing the funds to keep us among the leaders in the fraternity world.

Why Delta Tau Delta?

A vital part of any organization’s foundation is its ability to proliferate and expand upon individual membership, to solidify the longevity of its own existence. Delta Tau Delta believes in recruiting and retaining the brightest and most talented leaders of the community, both in the classroom and in the real world. To fully entertain this idea, “rush functions” were created to recruit interested members Fraternity rush is held bi-annually at Ball State, once in the spring and again in the fall. any student in good academic standing is welcome and encouraged to “Rush” out amongst his peers and see if the Greek lifestyle is for him. The Interfraternity Council at Ball State is the student run governing and program body for fraternities, helping to coordinate such vital functions as rush and social events.

Our Heritage

Delta Tau Delta was founded in 1858 at Bethany College in present day West Virginia. Eight men, angered by a fixed vote for a prize in oratory to be given at the Neotrophian Literary Society (a forum for students to practice and demonstrate skills in poetry, public speaking and writing essays), responded by forming a secret society. The purpose of the new society, known only by the Greek letters Delta Tau Delta, was to see the Neotrophian Society returned to popular control from the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, and to form an organization of the student body drawn together by common aims, brotherly regard and desire for mutual support.

Delta Tau Delta was born of the knowledge that integrity is essential. The founding principles of Truth, Courage, Faith and Power have provided a guide for both the Fraternity and its membership.

Since 1858 the Fraternity has spread to nearly 200 campuses with over 120 active chapters and colonies comprised of about 6,500 undergraduate members. For over 150 years, Delta Tau Delta has in excess of 150,000 men who have become members of the Fraternity.

You might be asking yourself “Why Delta Tau Delta?”  Joining the right fraternity is an important decision. By joining a fraternity, you will learn skills you simply cannot learn anywhere else. The Delta Tau Delta education is designed to complement your academic education. Delts emerge from college better prepared for the duties of life. As a young man, you might not have given this as much thought as you should. Joining Delta Tau Delta means you have agreed to become a part of something larger than yourself.  Joining Delta Tau Delta means you have decided to live to a higher standard. Watch this video to hear how other Delts have learned to elevate themselves and how becoming a Delt enables them to leave a legacy.