On Campus

Ball State University CardinalEpsilon Mu’s are involved in every aspect of college life, not just in the classroom or on the intramural fields. Epsilon Mu breeds leaders. In today’s world, it is leadership and communication skills that separate the best from the rest, and the house is a developing ground for tomorrow’s leaders. It is the experiences one has, and the lessons one learns while living at Epsilon Mu that prepares them for success after graduation. The house has helped develop current CEO’s, CFO’s, entrepreneurs, architects, successful lawyers, and broadcasters.

Leadership in campus activities is not only a good measure of the caliber of men in a fraternity, it also exemplifies their diversity of interests. Delta Tau Delta has been known as the “leadership” fraternity on the This recognition is due to the high percentage of our brothers participating in a range of campus activities; almost every brother has found at least one activity that interests him. 95% of the brothers in the house were actively involved during 2007 in a campus organization. 40% of the brothers held leadership positions, a statistic unmatched by any rival.