Related Goals:

– That each member has an appreciation for scholarly endeavors, learns scholastic skills and becomes a scholar in his own major.
– That each member has an appreciation of the opportunities in the chapter, on campus and in the community for cultural enrichment.
– That new members are given direction and expectations appropriate for maximum academic achievement as a new member of the Fraternity.
– That members are given unique opportunities to achieve their full academic potential.
– That high academic achievers receive appropriate attention regarding their achievements and their value in molding the chapter’s academic environment.
– That low academic achievers receive appropriate attention regarding their special academic needs but not be allowed to lower or control the academic quality of the chapter.
– That chapter academic programming follow a master plan extending from rush through pledge and member education. A plan that enhances achievement of career goals while promoting the skills and habits of successful living, balancing the needs of mind, body, and spirit will prove to be the most successful.

Areas in which the fraternity is conducive to performance in the classroom:
-Wireless Internet Access throughout the House
-Study tables every night of the week
-Academic Teams to build accountability among the brotherhood and academic enthusiasm
-Same major brothers pair up, to aid each other academically and keep each other accountable
-The most important aspect: Other brothers willing and eager to help.