Brotherhood is the bond shared by a group of men to achieve a common goal. Our events include formal events and games, which are designed to build a better relationship between brothers. However, brotherhood events do not necessarily have to be formally put together. Brotherhood is present when two or more Delts are together hanging out.

Brotherhood is more than just a word, to truly understand the definition; one must experience brotherhood for himself. The diversity in our chapter allows us to not only get to know brothers with different interests, but to understand men with different backgrounds.

Delta Tau Delta Epsilon Mu 2009 Formal in St. Louis

The Epsilon Mu Chapter is by far the most diverse Fraternity on campus and we believe that our diversity gives us strength. We are all different and yet the same, our brothers are brought together by onecommon interest, Delta Tau Delta. Each brother shares the same Mission and Values of the Fraternity within their hearts and that is what has brought the brothers of Epsilon Mu Chapter together.

With many different individual thoughts and ideas represented in a chapter, brotherhood brings in the role of compromise and coming to an agreement. Brotherhood is the backbone of any male Greek society; without it an organization will fall apart.

Setting up for Watermelon Bust '10