Our Values

The Mission & Values of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

The Mission and Values of the Fraternity are a public representation of our core values contained within our Ritual. Our mission is simple but straightforward, “Committed to Lives of Excellence.” Our members should be committed to living lives that reflect themselves, the Fraternity and every part of their being to a level of excellence. We as a Fraternity are dedicated to helping men achieve this level of excellence in their own lives.

The four fundamental principles of Delta Tau Delta are Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power.

Truth is fundamental to any organization, but truth is particularly critical to Delta Tau Delta because honest relationships are mandatory for Brotherhood. Telling the truth to yourself and others is fundamental to your commitment to a life of personal and professional excellence.

Courage means aggressively taking on challenges and being a leader in the face of adversity. It means caring for the lives of the people around you and understanding that sometimes saying, “No” is a necessary act of responsibility and love for your Brothers and the Fraternity as a whole.

Faith is a belief in yourself that what you are doing is right. Whether your faith comes from yourself, your parents or your God is up to you. Faith also means being loyal and trusting among people. It means knowing that people will make correct choices and decisions provided they have the necessary information and they understand the consequences of their actions.

Power is the inherent ability and talents of each member as valuable resources. These qualities and talents give Delta Tau Delta the power and energy to continue looking and moving toward a grand future.

In addition to the four principles of Delta Tau Delta, there are five phrases that complete our system of values.

Delta Tau Delta Badge

Integrity is Essential: Integrity means doing what you say you will do. Integrity establishes credibility for yourself and the Fraternity, and having it means that others can trust you, believe you, and count on you.

Accountability is Fundamental to all Commitments: Accountability means holding to your promises, making you responsible for both your words and your actions.

Lifelong Learning and Growth are Vital: There is no status quo in the pursuit of excellence – you are either moving ahead through continuous growth and learning, or going backwards and slowly narrowing your choices and opportunities in life. There is no point in today’s world where one can afford to stop learning and growing.

Strengthening Community is Essential to our Vitality: The pursuit of a life of excellence must occur through constant interactions with many different communities. Therefore, a strong community is vital for your future, as well as the Fraternity’s.

Brotherhood Sustains Us: Delta Tau Delta is an organization that relies on Brotherhood to hold us together. Brotherhood involves individual responsibility to one’s self and to others.

The value statements of Delta Tau Delta are evident in everything we do and say. Our values shape our decisions, our programs and our future.

What makes a Delt different from just another college student? The answer is simple – his values. Living according to a set of values is difficult. It means you must learn to push yourself. It means you must understand you represent something bigger. It means you must understand and live a life of self-control. Our values are held in common by Delts dispersed throughout the world. They speak of life long learning, of civic engagement and academic excellence. The values of a Delt are not for everyone, but as these men recognize they are the basis for a lifetime of learning and development.