The Road

The Road is an initiative to prepare members for the post-college world. It is a member education program developed by field experts offering training in five key areas: Career Development, Personal Leadership, Financial Security, Health and Wellness, and Life Skills. From helping Delts understand credit scores to resumé writing and proper nutrition, The Road is just one of the reasons Delta Tau Delta members exemplify excellence, both on campus and out in the world.

The Four Opportunities on The Road

The Road has four basic components:

Road Connections are Fraternity-staff led educational modules covering the five elements of The Road: Career Development, Personal Leadership, Financial Security, Health and Wellness, and Life Skills.

Chapter Road Programs are conceived and developed by each individual chapter and include one of the five elements of The Road. Typically, these programs are also interspersed with other Delta Tau Delta activities such as recruitment or officer training, making the existing programs apply twofold and broaden members’ experiences.

Advanced Fraternity Leadership Experiences include Division Conferences, Karnea, Futures Quest, Leadership Academies and the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute. All events provide leadership tools and build upon the legacy of Delta Tau Delta.

Electronic Learning Resources are available in a variety of media including video, the Road Blog and online training modules. These resources help to supplement the programming and leadership opportunities for Delts on The Road.

The beauty of The Road is that each chapter individualizes the program to make it just right for its members.

Not only is The Road an enriching opportunity for fraternity members, it’s a great way for alumni to get involved. Alumni may serve as advisors in the program, get involved in a specific program for the chapter, or give a presentation as an expert.

Anyone interested in developing a Road program should contact Ellen Shertzer, the Fraternity’s director of leadership development.

Every year hundreds of thousands of students will graduate with a college degree. Fifty years ago a college degree set the stage for a man’s success. With more college graduates and competition ever increasing from oversees, a man must do more to stand out. Delta Tau Delta developed The Road in 2008 to ensure Delts had a strategic advantage in this competitive environment. The Road emphasizes five core areas: leadership, career development, financial management, health and wellness and life skills. The Road is a national program which is manifested locally and is designed to augment a man’s college education, leaving him better prepared for the duties of life.