Lost Brothers

We are in search of some of our lost brethren. If you know the location of, or can provide a lead for, any of the following brothers, please e-mail us at: lostbrothers@bsudelts.org. We’d really like to include them in our newsletter, alumni and reunion mailings. Thanks.

Class Year Name
1965 Lyle L. Ball
1968 Richard L. Maxwell
1969 Richard J. Pawlowski
1969 John E. Bailey
1970 James B. Freeman
1971 Paul M. Grew
1971 Curtis C. Cain
1972 Ricky L. Byrd
1972 Steven N. Sherrel
1972 Charles M. Dragoo
1973 Kenneth J. Cain
1973 Gary F. Hoffar
1974 Lance D. Thompson
1974 Dennis W. Moyer
1974 Thomas D. Conley
1974 Thomas C. McNevin
1974 Gregory L. Kimes
1975 Mark A. Malmstrom
1975 David K. Rayl
1975 Michael G. Martin
1975 C. Bradley Lykins
1976 Brad K. Dibkey
1976 Kevin R. Colbert
1977 Michael D. Sanders
1977 Mark A. Priebe
1977 William C. Hamilton
1977 Chris B. Cunningham
1977 Richard P. Koch, Jr.
1977 William F. Nicholson, Jr.
1978 William R. Knutson II
1978 Jason S. Miller
1979 Gary E. Reed
1980 Richard A. Tippin
1980 John S. Mohr
1980 David W. Englert
1981 Michael R. Jackson
1981 Gerald L. Fishburn
1982 David R. Connor
1983 James R. Bolles
1983 Douglas D. Stonebraker
1983 Rick E. Pearson
1986 John A. Begovich, Jr.
1986 David C. Milford
1989 Pocholo G. Cruz
1990 Reid A. Dill
1991 Scott W. Wise
1991 Scott A. Stoeffler
1996 John F. McClanahan
2001 Bryan M. Reuter
2003 Adam S. Lash
2004 Aaron Raymond Shepard