Greek Day

Greek Day Philanthropic Event at the Delt HouseMembers of several different Ball State fraternities and sororitiescould be found on the front lawn of the Shelter during this first ever annual event. Volleyball, cornhole (beanbag toss) tournaments, and a live DJ provided entertainment for the guests.

The entree fees from the tournaments, as well a large donation from the Chapter, raised $2,000 for the Chi Omega Make a Wish Foundation.

The women of Chi Omega were responsible for raising a large portion of the sponsors and it was voted that the proceeds would go to a charity of their choice. The volleyball and cornhole tournament ended with the home team, Delt Thunder, taking first place in both.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt with the Muncie Boys and Girls Club at the Delt HouseStrengthening the community is essential to our vitality and the brothers in the house take this phrase in our mission and values very seriously. Children from the Muncie Boys and Girls Club came to the Shelter and took part in a massive Easter egg hunt that involved roughly 42 children. The Brothers hid hundreds of eggs filled with candy throughout the front yard and watched as the kids raced to pick them up. A few of the eggs were spray-painted gold, which entitled their finder to a special prize. The day was an overwhelming success for the house and the children. Here is the story as it ran in the Ball State Daily News the following day:

Yet another life-enriching area emphasized at Delta Tau Delta is philanthropy work. The Delt name is well known not only to Ball State students, but also throughout Muncie for its many efforts to give back to the community in which we live. Philanthropic work not only helps those in need, but also gives an individual a great feeling about himself, as he knows he is doing something for others. This work instills kindness and generosity; two outstanding qualities attributed to a well-rounded man.

Philanthropy has been an area of focus for the men at Epsilon Mu over the last year. Some highlights include: having children from the Muncie Boys and Girls Club come over to carve pumpkins, brothers volunteering at Muncie Civic Theater, Easter Egg Hunt with the Muncie Boys and Girls Club, adopting a highway, and participating in Alpha Phi’s “Mr. Phinominal.”

We also held our 37th Annual Watermelon Bust with Alpha Chi Omega. Which is the largest philanthropic on campus, and raises over $10,000 for Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis every year.

The commitment to philanthropy is very apparent with the men of Epsilon Mu. It is the point of chapter taken very seriously and we hope to further our progress every year in an effort to provide as much as possible not only to help others in need, but also to provide fulfillment that every young man should experience.

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving Event with the Muncie Boys and Girls ClubThe Muncie Boys and Girls Club came to the Shelter for a day of pumpkin carving and treats on October 22 with the brothers of Espilon Mu and women of Chi Omega sorority.

The afternoon consisted of around 50 local children partnering up with a Delt brother or Chi Omega sister in the basement and carving a design of their choice into a pumpkin we provided. After the carving, a variety of treats were given to the children before they left the Shelter.

The following afternoon a group of brothers as well as some Alpha Phi sorority members carpooled to the Muncie Boys and Girls Club and provided the same services. Some of the older brothers in the fraternity rekindled this tradition three years ago after around a decade hiatus. Giving back to the local community is a value Epsilon Mu holds high, and our work with the Muncie Boys and Girls Club will continue into the future.