Epsilon Mu Alumni Information Form

Please fill out the Epsilon Mu Alumni Information Form, it will really help us fill in the missing information in the Epsilon Mu Chapter Historical Archive.  All information you provide below is completely private and is only use of the Epsilon Mu Chapter Historical Archive.  Your information will never be shared. 

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  • (example: Room 26 - 2008) (example: Room 26 - 2008, 2009) (example: Room 26 - 2008, 2009 -- Room 15 - 2010)
  • (example: Freshmen of the Year - 2008) (example: Greek Week - 1978) (example: Intramural Champions - 2005)
  • (example: Rush Chair - 2008) (example: Historian - 2008, 2009, 2010) (example: Treasurer - 2008, 2009) (example: External Vice President - 2011)
  • Examples: Past Room Assignments, Past Brothers’ of the Year, Past Seniors’ of the Year, Past Juniors’ of the Year, Past Sophomores’ of the Year, Past Freshmen of the Year, Past Sweethearts, Past Executive Boards, Past Committee Chairmen, Past Big Bro/Lil Bro EX: Jane Doe - Sweetheart - 1996-1997
  • We are trying to find/add all the missing stuff from the Epsilon Mu Chapter Historical Archive. Do you have any of the items listed above that we could temporarily borrow or that you want to donate.
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    You could just use your Facebook Profile Pic, your profile pic headshot on another website, company headshot, etc.